What to send

Simply email or post your sketch / architectural drawings to us. Obviously the more information the more accurate the final drawing will be. Include all door and window positions, take time to mark the rough width of each window and the swing of each door.

What Formats can you send

We can supply in all popular formats including jpg, pdf, dwg, dxf and eps.


If it is a small change say a room name needs altering, then a simple email will suffice.

If it is more complicated then it is usually easiest to sketch them on the floor plan, scan it in and email it back to us.

All amendments are free of charge.


If you would like a selection of examples please get in touch and we would be happy to help with your request.

Ways to Pay

We accept bank transfer (BACS), cheque, PayPal and VISA/MASTERCARD/Debit Card through PayPal with no registration required.


01226 885040


07543 434048

Lease plans

Our lease plans are Land Registry Compliant and are produced through our own professional measured survey or by plans supplied by you.

Title Plans

Our Title plans adhere to current Land Registry standards, using current Title plan, architectural drawings, or even data from Google Maps

Transfer Plans

Whether you are splitting your Title or gifting a strip of land, our Land Registry Compliant Transfer plans are perfect for you.


Along with our CAD drafting studio we also offer professional measured surveys making a one stop shop.

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